Foam block - speed and ease of installation

Often, foam concrete is used to build external walls. With the help of it, both industrial and commercial objects are being erected. Fill with it a monolithic frame and so on. Due to the presence of lightness in the material, it is used where there is no possibility of using other types of building materials. But before acquiring a foam block, you should perform the correct selection of both thicknesses and brands of blocks, otherwise the design may lose in terms of reliability and will be destroyed. Therefore, if you are not a connoisseur in this field, it is better to consult with specialists. The manufacture of foam blocks of the production of foam blocks The main processes have small differences that depend on how the foam block is made (by casting or cutting method). For example, to obtain a foam block by casting, you will need to:- prepare a special foam concentrate (there is no need for it if there is a cavitation installation). It is diluted with water and then supplied to the foam generator.- Preparation of a mixture of foam concrete. To do this, bulk components, additives, foam and water are poured into the mixer.- all components are thoroughly mixed.- The forms are cleaned of dirt and lubricated. After that, a prepared foam concrete mixture is poured into them.- the surface is aligned.- The material is kept at a temperature of 25 degrees until completely harden. For 8- 10 hours, the block gains a strength of 25 percent.- The product is submitted. The cutting method implies the manufacture of a whole and large in size of the foam concrete massif, which is subsequently sawn into parts. Distribution of the discentone blocks have the following excellent characteristics:- excellent thermal insulation qualities are explained, which are explained by the presence In the block of air bubbles (in the block of them from 40 to 80% of the total material).- the ease of material (also due to the presence of bubbles).- durability and reliability.- environmental friendliness (there is no presence of substances harmful to the human body).- fire-resistance. - speed when erecting buildings.- Low moisture heating, which in turn also affects the indicator of frost resistance.- excellent soundproofing properties. Features of foam concreteonamontal of such blocks should be carried out in 2 rows. It is imperative to leave a small wage above the basement. To carry out better masonry, it is necessary to fill in the emptiness at all seams with glue. Be sure to remove an excess solution. Using the reinforcement, the design is achieved in its maximum strength. The installation of laying directly depends on how the foam block was made. For example, if it was obtained by casting, then a cement-sand mortar is used during masonry. If the cutting method, then adhesive special compounds are used. Legitimní online kasina v České republice jsou dobrou volbou pro hraní. Jedná se o vhodnou alternativu k tradičním kasinům. Pro všechny hráče není snadné dostat se do běžného kasina, zvláště pokud jsou z vesnic nebo odlehlých oblastí. Přečtěte si více o online kasinech zde . České online kasino je dobré řešení. Přehrávač je doma nebo kdekoli a hraje. Je vyžadován přístup k osobnímu počítači. Moderní stránky nabízejí hráčům mobilní verze – plnohodnotné verze herních stránek, které fungují na chytrých telefonech nebo tabletech.