Mostbet betting rules

In the world of gambling, there are certain rules and requirements for their participants. Compliance with these rules and requirements guarantees the safety of the participant and provides him with ample opportunities. When betting on sports, be sure to follow the recommendations of the bookmaker to avoid any misunderstandings. When the player complies with all the requirements, he, in turn, can be sure that the bookmaker will fulfill his obligations, only on condition that this bookmaker is legal. (all legal bookmakers).

All betting rules in the bookmaker are divided into several groups: generally accepted, basic and special.

General rules of bookmakers

In accordance with generally accepted rules, a betting company player must comply with the following requirements:

Bets are placed only on those events that are presented in the line mostbet pk.
In case of a win, the payment is made according to the coefficient in force at the time of betting, and indicated in the coupon. Those. subsequent changes in the coefficients do not matter.

A bet can only be placed before the start of the match, if it is not a Live mode.
After making a bet, the participant cannot cancel the bet. An exception may be some cases specified by a particular bookmaker, for example, with a coefficient equal to 1.
The list of bets and odds for events are compiled on the basis of officially provided information: sports federations, organizations and unions.

Basic rules of bookmakers

The bettor must follow the basic rules:

You can only bet when you reach the age of majority.
It is not allowed for the same person to register with the same bookmaker twice.
The personal information provided in the registration form must be true.
A participant registered in the BC can place bets only after identification of the person. This procedure can be carried out by visiting the bookmaker in person, or online, for example via Skype (not all bookmakers provide this option).
You can withdraw funds only from the account and monetary system from which the deposit was made. Some bookmakers prohibit cashouts if the participant spent less than 70% of his deposit on bets. 13% tax is withheld from payments to residents of the Russian Federation.

The bookmaker reserves the right to refuse to accept a bet without giving a reason.
Within one event, the bookmaker may refuse to accept different bets (total, handicap, result).
The bet may be canceled due to technical problems on the bookmaker's side. In this case, the stake is returned to the better.

Cancellation of the bet if the participant bet on an event, the outcome of which was known. This paragraph also includes situations when betting on the so-called "forks", in which it is possible to block the client's account.

Regarding the last paragraph of the rules - it is almost impossible to prove that the player did not know the outcome of the event. With certain analytical knowledge, a sweepstakes participant can predict the outcome with a high degree of probability. This is used by some unscrupulous bookmakers to save money not paid on winning coupons. Unfortunately, this clause of the conditions is spelled out in the user agreement of almost every bookmaker. But each of the bookmakers can interpret it in their own way.