By 2024, all casino slot machines in Macau are to be equipped with a digital clock

By 2024, all casino slot machines in Macau are to be equipped with a digital clock

All casino slot machines in Macau must be equipped with digital clocks

Macau Special Administrative Region of China has imposed a rule requiring that by the end of 2024 all casino slot machines must be equipped with a periodically flashing clock function that shows the local time. The information was confirmed by the gambling regulator, the Gambling Inspection and Coordination Bureau.


The requirement is part of the Technical Standards for Urban Electronic Gambling Machines Version 2.0, which came into force on September 1. The term electronic slot machine (EGM) is used in Macau to refer to slot machines placed in land-based casinos. Table-top digital entertainment (ETG) is regulated by separate regulatory standards.


Macau's Bureau of Inspection and Coordination of Gambling (DICJ) will offer a grace period during which gambling equipment manufacturers must equip existing machines with the necessary best red tiger slots software.


In response to a request from journalists to explain the new requirement, the regulator said: "The purpose of the clock on the machine is to promote responsible gaming. All machines will be equipped with this feature by the end of 2024."

The clock must flash at the start of the gaming session and every 10 minutes after it has started. In addition, Technical Standards 2.0 also specify that the screen or other elements of the slot interface must not have hidden touch points or secret buttons that affect play, integrity or the final result, except in accordance with the regulations. This is understood by the local gambling entertainment industry as a response to the development of touch-screen display technology.


According to the DICJ, there were 9,871 registered slot machines in the Macau market as of 30 June. The bureau confirmed that this figure includes table-top electronic entertainment terminals as well as machines in land-based casinos.