How often do you need to clean ventilation ducts?

Ventilation is one of the main systems used in modern buildings. In various objects - residential, commercial, industrial - is responsible for the purity and quality of air. Nevertheless, in order to fulfill its function properly, it must be kept in good condition. Does this have a great influence, inter alia, cleaning the ventilation ducts. When do I need to clean the ventilation ducts?
The installation of ventilation in the building significantly improves its conditions and provides people in it with great comfort. However, the design and manufacturing of the system is not all: proper use and maintenance are no less important. The manager of the building with the help of companies specializing in this type of services is responsible for this.
Poor air quality can cause headache, fatigue and drowsiness. Incorrect circulation leads to the deposition of water vapor on the windows, the appearance of a musty smell or mold. The ventilation system also creates a microclimate in the room - allows you to eliminate unpleasant odors. This is very important, for example, in gastronomic institutions where kitchen smells are not always fragrant. How often the cleanliness of individual ventilation components should be checked depends on the function of the building. Let us dwell on the ventilation ducts that need to be cleaned: in warehouses, warehouses, wholesalers - every four years;
in hotels, schools, hospitals, residential buildings and commercial facilities - once every two years;
At the facilities of the advanced and high -tech industry - annually.
What methods are used to clean wires?
Cleaning the system of the ducts itself includes three stages, this is an inspection, proper cleaning and control of the ventilation of the premises. The use of elements that provide easy access and, therefore, effective cleaning already at the stage of designing the installation will become great support for the controller and persons responsible for monitoring the condition and cleaning of ventilation ducts. Revision hatches allow you to easily clean the ducts of the round and rectangular cross -section. Revision fittings are used for a quick connection of round ventilation ducts. Filters, on the other hand, will provide proper quality of air. Professions use cleaning methods that can be divided into two main groups. The first is dry cleaning methods: mechanical (rotating brushes with an electric or pneumatic drive fixed on the drive shaft);
compressed air or absorbed air (vacuum cleaners).
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